Delhi Metro Fare From Ashok Park Main to Inder Lok

Delhi Metro from Ashok Park Main to Inder Lok have normal fare of Rs.10 and Concessional Fare of Rs.10. It normally takes 4 Min and the distance between these two station is approx. 1.522 KM. You need to have 0 interchange.To follow the best route,you need to go through ASHOK PARK MAIN (Junction),INDER LOK (Junction) metro stations.

Normal Fare Rs. 10
Concessional Fare Rs. 10
Time taken4 Min
Number of Stations2
Distance1.522 KM
Station CoveredASHOK PARK MAIN (Junction),INDER LOK (Junction)
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Delhi Metro Stations

In Delhi, there is 150 operational metro stations.

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